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Watch Conferences from 2017 through 2023


In 2017 Women on Purpose was founded with a clear mission in mind. It was a call to gather local women, uniting them in worship, prayer and dismantling the pedestals we tend to place one another on. This  was born out of a deep desire to foster a community where women could come together to learn, grow, and support one another in relationship to God. Our aim is to bring hundreds of women under one roof, with our focus firmly fixed on Jesus, without elevating any specific individual or ministry. Instead, we aspire to create a day conference for women to encourage and strengthen each other in their spiritual journeys and relationships with God.

Leadership Team



Come with anticipation for what God has in store


Life Changing Stories

God pursues each one of us!   Throughout the day you will hear the powerful encounters each women had that lead her close to God! We don't fly in professional speakers, but invite everyday women like you and me to share throughout the day.  Get ready to be encouraged as you hear the stories of each of these women!


Powerful Prayer

We truly believe prayer changes things. At Women on Purpose we dedicate a large portion of time to prayer.  We pray collectively and in addition we  have an entire prayer team ready to pray with you and over you.  Come expecting to encounter God in a new and powerful way!


Dynamic Worship

 There is nothing more powerful than joining together to worship & adore our Holy God!  Worship on this day often  feels like heaven and earth are colliding. You will not want to miss the opportunity worship hundreds of other women together through song.



Hundreds of women gathered in one space.  Each women has a different backgrounds and story, but together we join with one single focus, Jesus!  It's more powerful that we can put into words!

Lauren Baker

There is nothing more powerful than seeing the women of Akron, and beyond, being obedient to the next step and celebrating, worshiping, and uplifting together. 

Wendy Gnap

This was my first year attending.  Thank you ladies for sharing your heart with all of us.  It was life changing for me. I haven't seen/felt the spirit move like that since I was a little girl.          

Lisa Noga

I'm so grateful for all you ladies! I was so blessed today and was able to find truth and restoration! Thank you for your kindness and taking the time to pray with me for my Granddaughter! I was so blessed by you all!

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