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Emcee & Host


December is a wife, mother, minister, friend, and a servant. She has been married for 15 years to her honeydew melon. They have 5 beautiful children, two of which have special needs. Her 8 year old has a rare kidney disease and has been diagnosed with a bilateral sensorial hearing loss. Her youngest has been diagnosed with Autism.  


December loves to encourage people to live out their God given purpose. She is very passionate about telling people about the love and grace of God. In the midst of her caring for her family, encouraging others, and praising the Lord, December loves to dance and laugh. Words that describe December are: Servant, Faithful, Patient, Worshipper, and Fighter. // 330-861-3524 // Facebook


Prayer Team Leader


Erica Howard has said Yes to the Lord and tries to keep her vision in the focus of eternity. Shortly after the birth of her daughter Nyah (which means purpose) one night in prayer she heard the Lord say “GO GET MY DAUGHTERS” and from that moment she said yes to the call of rescuing His daughters  out of darkness, shame, guilt, and into their purpose . She has seen the Lord redeem and use every place of brokenness in her life In setting others free. 


She is witty and loves to laugh. She loves music - all music. And is quick to break out in a random dance. She still holds on to her childhood dream of being a back up dancer for Janet Jackson. Her seven year old describes her as nice, kind, encouraging, powerful and AWESOME!! Her favorite place to be is anywhere her husband, Chris and her daughters are . // 330-701-6556  

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Worship Leader


Jennifer is a member of the Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Akron, Ohio, where she serves in the area of pastoral care, worship, and administration.  As a licensed and ordained minister, she leads the worship services, preaches the word, teaches Bible Study and conducts worship and music workshops for the members of Mount Calvary Baptist Church and the community. 


Jennifer served 10 years as the Choral Master for the Annual Gospel Meets Symphony Chorus (a community of 200 gospel singers and musicians that join with the Akron Symphony Orchestra to perform annually at the E. J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall).  She’s also supervises in the area of the prevention at Minority Behavioral Health Group. 


Jennifer, affectionately known as “JJ”, is the proud mother of two wonderful and musically talented children, Joshua and Jazmin.  She is a born again Christian woman who is sanctified and anointed to sing and teach God’s praises. // 330-253-3711 // Facebook




Laura is a suburbia wife to her husband of 11 years, a mother to her 3 littles - 4, 2, and 6 months - and an anesthetist by profession. She is a self-confessed recovering perfectionist, a lousy texter, lover of the outdoors, big fan of the enneagram, and above all, a captivated disciple of Christ.


God took her through a breakdown turned breakthrough in 2017, and she hasn’t looked back. Now she is incredibly passionate about encouraging women to study the Bible because God called her to get serious about it in her own life, and in her own words, “It changes everything.” // 330-608-5685 // Facebook




Naomi was 19 years old when she made the statement: “I want to be an old woman with interesting stories.” Once she said yes to God, a slight revision occurred in her statement: “ I want to be an old, faithful, kind, and generous woman with interesting stories.”


Naomi is the single parent of a kind, generous teenager who wears flowers in her hair allowing her mom to remember her youth. Naomi works full- time in higher education as an instructor who loves teaching, learning, and creating. She is currently in the process of completing her doctorate in instructional design for online learning. Naomi looks forward to learning what God has in mind for her as she exits one season and enters another season of her life. // 234-525-8052


Emcee & Host


Noelle is the executive director at First Glance, a youth center in Kenmore to teens. She is passionate about seeing people learn that we all have access to all of God's love and power!  Her adventures take place in the Kenmore community where she resides with her amazing husband of 19 years.  She is the mom to Enoch.  Her life goals include biking across America, wearing converse until she is 80, and taking over Akron with the truth and love of Jesus. // 330-328-4900

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Paida Munodawafa originates from a village in Zimbabwe, Africa.  Her passion for Jesus overflows and manifests itself through her humble, servant’s heart.  God has used her as His instrument in bringing a clean water system to her native village in Zimbabwe. Paida loves to worship God especially with music and dance.  She believes “God is great,” and, “He has a solution for every problem.”


The first thing that people notice about Paida is her contagious smile and infectious laugh.   She loves zebras and has an extensive collection of everything “zebra.”  Paida’s love for zebras stems from her family “clan” which is the zebra, or mbizi.  Paida has the unique talent of being able to run with a filled bucket or clay pot on her head. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her adult son and daughter.  Most recently, she celebrated her birthday with family at Disney World. 

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Ruthy is a homegrown Akron girl who loves all things Jesus! She is an energetic middle school teacher who teaches "Life with a side of Math." She absolutely loves encouraging others by spreading truth, wisdom, and joy. 


Ruthy enjoys personal growth and creative solutions. Ruthy gets amped about adventure...and not just traveling, but traveling to the deep places of the heart and the Spirit with those in her community. She recently created a t-shirt company called Trending Truth to encourage believers and spark conversations about Jesus. // 330-814-1545

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Stephanie Tuminello is a warrior woman who loves her wild man of almost 25 years and her God. She raised their 3 children on the truth of Jesus, with a little Mary J. Blige thrown in. She has a passion for kids, moms, women and marriages. Loving people fiercely is a priority of hers. 


 She currently cares for kids in her home as a full time Mimi. She has taught several classes over the years, and while teaching biblical truth is a passion, she loves to have deep conversations with women over a dinner shared together or a conversation on the patio. // 330-703-8774


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